What People are Saying....

"The time I spent talking with you has impacted me greatly. It was a game changer for me. I was blessed deeply by the content of our discussion and by your caring, compassionate ways. Yesterday and all that has come from it will be one of the major turning points in my journey and I'll always be grateful for the part you played. How would I put a price on a conversation that changed me? It is priceless."


"Ann has been a pleasure to work with over the past several months. She was warm and friendly from the first time we met. I really appreciate her patient and caring personality. Ann has a unique ability to look at my health challenges from a new perspective, and offer simple yet effective solutions to problems I have struggled with for years. She is definitely a coach I would recommend to my friends and family members!"  ~Angela

"I was overweight, moody, and struggled with concentration. Ann's coaching helped me lose 15 pounds, stabilize my mood, and rejuvenate my cognitive abilities.   I recommend Ann for anyone that seriously wants to improve their wellness."


"Ann has a natural holistic approach without being fussy. She helps you work on things that are important to you without judgement. No personal goal is too big or too small. She is professional, confident and easy to work with. She taught me the positive and negative effects food has on my entire body. Helped me to understand WHY I crave certain foods and how to overcome those cravings. She is patient, enlightening and positive. She showed me how to crowd out unhealthy foods with healthier ones. If one course of action was not successful, she didn't shame or criticize. Together, we found new ways to approach the changes I was seeking. I am more confident in myself, my choices and my mood. I did not learn my bad habits overnight and although it takes time to change them, I know I am heading in the right direction, and can use these strategies for years to come. Ann cares and is patient and very knowledgeable.  She wants me to succeed for me. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to make a positive lifestyle change."